The ReLaunch

YT Hello all my TwIsTeD pEaChEs! I have been working diligently this summer on the relaunch of my YouTube Channel. I have not posted a new vid since last April. I’ve been on hiatus trying to learn how to improve. I think I’ve learned quite a bit and it will definitely show once I start uploading vids again.

Besides learning, I have been working my tail off on new content. I have 2 vids in the bag and a new channel trailer to boot. So here it is. I’m going to give you guys a sneak-peek of my new trailer. You will not see this anywhere else! 😀 Well, not until September at least.

I’m so excited to relaunch my Channel! I’ve learned much Grasshopper, but I still have more to go.

If any of you have any questions about social media content (especially YouTube), hit me up. I’ve spent many working hours this summer listening to the classics – Darrel Eves, Tim Schmoyer, Roberto Blake, Nick Nimman, Brian G. Johnson, Brittany Bullen, and so much more.

Maybe I’ll know the answer to your question, maybe I won’t, but hey, let’s talk anyway. I really don’t bite (I’m more of a kicker). j/k.

Don’t touch that dial, because you all will be the first to know when my channel gets its facelift.

Okay Peaches, keep it real and stay true to yourself…I’m out.


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