Oscar is Making Me a Grouch

So I’ve cleaned lots of homes with pets. However, none of these places were actually my home…until now. We own my husband’s home farm place outside of town. He goes there to work every day, as does my father-in-law. We have an awesome cat out there named Oscar. He is an orange short hair, about half grown, and soooo sweet. Well, Oscar happened to be hanging around the back tire of my husband’s pickup and, yep, you guessed it, he was run over. As a result, his pelvis was fractured. He had totally lost the use of his left-rear back leg. The vet put him on “kennel healing”. This means an injured animal stays in a confined place for a period of time. Since the animal is not able to move around much, his injury can heal. Oscar needs to be on “kennel healing” for a month. At that time, the vet will re-X-ray and we can see how his injury is coming along. Here’s my sweet boy on his first day of kennel-healing:

Even though he’s not running all over my house shedding, he’s still a bugger to clean up after. He’s a really sloppy (and not always the brightest) animal. He walks through the water in his dish, then walks through his litter. This somehow finds its way off of his feet onto my floor. He tips his dish of food over and since he’s a cat off of the farm, he doesn’t always understand this litter box concept. I feel like I am constantly sweeping, washing, and wiping up after this cat. So I thought I would pin a couple of Pinterest posts here regarding cleaning up after pets. I hope you find them interesting…I know I certainly do.

17 Tips for Keeping a Clean House With Pets

10 Pet-Hair Removal Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Home Clean When You Have Pets

As it turns out, I need all the help I can get if I’m going to live through this kennel healing process. 

It’s a good thing he’s got looks that melt my ❤️. I’ve always been a sucker for handsome guys.

Until next time~ Keep it real and stay true to yourself.



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