How to Clean the Pants Off Your Artificial Plants

flowerYes. I know plants don’t actually wear pants. How would that even work?

One of the issues I encounter so often when cleaning other’s (and my own) home is that any artificial plants and/or flowers on the scene get particularly dusty. There are a few ways to deal with this conundrum:

  1. Dunk ’em – The best way I’ve found to clean most of these buggers, unless they are extremely fragile, is to just dunk ’em. Surprisingly, most of the little guys can take it.
  2. Artificial Flower Cleaning Spray – I purchased an aerosol can of this from my local floral shop (whoop, whoop Springfield Floral). I then took my artificial bouquet outside on my driveway and sprayed away. It works pretty well on any florals that can’t be submerged.
  3. Computer Duster – Using canned air or computer duster is also a great way to “blow off” delicate flowers. Again, the gold standard is dunking here, but if you’re short on time or just like playing with computer duster, hey, have at it.

Got dusty artificial flowers and/or plants on your hands? Have no fear, Peachy Clean is here…to show you how to get those flowers into tip-top shape.

If you’ve got any other plantastic cleaning tips for me, I’d love to here about them!

Until then keep it real and stay true to yourself.




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