A Cleaner World? Let’s Make It Together.

cropped-peach-logo.jpg What do people all over the world have in common? We all deal with dirt, mess, and general dusty-ness. I have taken a trip to some very special places and learned some very special techniques to crazy-clean your home.

The first place we visit is the amazing land of Africa for a sweeping good lesson.

African Broom

Then we’re off to Asia (China to be exact). Who knew about bamboo scrubbers? Not this girl!


Then it’s Mexico here we come – to learn how to fend off ghosts (what?).



And our last stop is Mother Russia for the moral of the story.


Can we bring about world peace by learning cleaning techniques from each other? Well, when we all come together, nothing is impossible. Enjoy the Video!

Keep It Peachy!


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