Isn’t There a Little ‘Freak’ in Us All?

dogAlright, alright, I’m really not thrilled with some of these early videos. Especially this one because it’s so incredibly ridiculous. Not sure why I thought it was a good idea to make it. But, I did and I’m owning it.

I’m trying to get my video content consistent with my blog, then I’ll be all set to move forward.

Anyway, there’s a saying that goes, “You know you’re an adult when…you get excited that there’s a new sponge in the sink”. In my opinion, there has never been a more true statement. This next vid is right in line with that mentality. Isn’t cleaning more fun when you’ve got a new product or tool up your sleeve? I certainly think so. Take a gander (if you dare) at this vid listing some handy tools and tips you must know to get your nerd on.


So now that you know how incredibly dorky I am, there’s no shame in letting me know what cleaning related items are floating your boat now-days. I’d love to hear about ’em.

Until next time, keep it real and stay true to yourselves. ūü§ď


How to Clean the Pants Off Your Artificial Plants

flowerYes. I know plants don’t actually wear pants. How would that even work?

One of the issues I encounter so often when cleaning other’s (and my own) home is that any artificial plants and/or¬†flowers on the scene get particularly dusty. There are a few ways to deal with this conundrum:

  1. Dunk ’em – The best way I’ve found to clean most of these buggers, unless they are extremely¬†fragile, is to just dunk ’em. Surprisingly, most of the little guys can take it.
  2. Artificial Flower Cleaning Spray – I purchased an aerosol can of this from my local floral shop (whoop, whoop Springfield Floral). I then took my artificial¬†bouquet¬†outside on my driveway and sprayed away. It works pretty well on any florals that can’t be submerged.
  3. Computer Duster – Using canned air or computer duster is also a great way to “blow off” delicate flowers. Again, the gold standard is dunking here, but if you’re short on time or just like playing with computer duster, hey, have at it.

Got dusty artificial flowers and/or plants on your hands? Have no fear, Peachy Clean is here…to show you how to get those flowers into tip-top shape.

If you’ve got any other plantastic¬†cleaning tips for me, I’d love to here about them!

Until then keep it real and stay true to yourself.




Ding, Ding, Ding…Round 2.

Well, here I am again. Giving the soap-making another shot. For those of you who have not followed me thus far, my first attempt and cold-process soap-making was an epic fail. But, if at first, you don’t succeed…So to refresh¬†your memory, here’s a photo from my first attempt.¬†soap

Yeah, can’t get much worse right? That’s what I figured.

The new recipe that I tried uses lard, olive oil, and castor oil. Lard (rendered fat) is great for the skin.¬†¬†It won’t clog pores and it resembles the structure of human skin cells which are composed of saturated fats. Lard soap is closer to our skin than plant-based soaps. Ready for some pics?


So I’m letting set up now and will be ready for the cut soon. Let’s cross our fingers!

See you next time. Until then, be peachy!

I’m so Motivated to Clean my House…Said No One EVER!

Uh motivation…we could all use it from time to time – especially when it comes to tidying your house. In this video, we will talk about some of the barriers that can exist between you and a clean home. Focus, energy, distraction, and feeling overwhelmed are just some of the short-comings we all have. However, the joy that comes from a job well done, priceless! Check it out.


What types of things put pep in your step and motivate you to turn your home from drab to fab?

Sharing is caring after all.

Keep it Peachy!

It Ain’t Easy Being Green…Uh, Yes it is!

Green thumb 2¬†Do you want to know more about green cleaning? Well you’re in luck because that’s just what we are going to do today. I love using hydrogen peroxide in my everyday cleaning tasks. It’s a great natural cleaner. It is antibacterial, anti fungal, and antiviral. I feel all tingly inside when it bubbles. And the best part? It’s cheap. Follow along as we learn about green cleaning with hydrogen peroxide.


Recipe for daily shower spray:
1/2 hydrogen peroxide
1/2 rubbing alcohol
1&1/2 cup water
4 squirts of dishsoap
2 teaspoons rinse aid


As always, keep it real.