Isn’t There a Little ‘Freak’ in Us All?

dogAlright, alright, I’m really not thrilled with some of these early videos. Especially this one because it’s so incredibly ridiculous. Not sure why I thought it was a good idea to make it. But, I did and I’m owning it.

I’m trying to get my video content consistent with my blog, then I’ll be all set to move forward.

Anyway, there’s a saying that goes, “You know you’re an adult when…you get excited that there’s a new sponge in the sink”. In my opinion, there has never been a more true statement. This next vid is right in line with that mentality. Isn’t cleaning more fun when you’ve got a new product or tool up your sleeve? I certainly think so. Take a gander (if you dare) at this vid listing some handy tools and tips you must know to get your nerd on.


So now that you know how incredibly dorky I am, there’s no shame in letting me know what cleaning related items are floating your boat now-days. I’d love to hear about ’em.

Until next time, keep it real and stay true to yourselves. 🤓


It Ain’t Easy Being Green…Uh, Yes it is!

Green thumb 2 Do you want to know more about green cleaning? Well you’re in luck because that’s just what we are going to do today. I love using hydrogen peroxide in my everyday cleaning tasks. It’s a great natural cleaner. It is antibacterial, anti fungal, and antiviral. I feel all tingly inside when it bubbles. And the best part? It’s cheap. Follow along as we learn about green cleaning with hydrogen peroxide.


Recipe for daily shower spray:
1/2 hydrogen peroxide
1/2 rubbing alcohol
1&1/2 cup water
4 squirts of dishsoap
2 teaspoons rinse aid


As always, keep it real.