How to Clean the Pants Off Your Artificial Plants

flowerYes. I know plants don’t actually wear pants. How would that even work?

Dust Has No Manners

Artificial flowers and plants are really great. They don’t need any sunlight, water, or pruning. However, like everything else, they are prone to dust. Do you ever do like me and walk past the fake plants in your home and think, “hmmm, that thing is really dusty. Someday, when I get some time, I’ll spruce that up”. Then you kinda forget about it until you walk past it again…and get irritated…and then that happens again, and again, and again. Until one day, you finally say, “enough is enough. This is getting cleaned right now because I’m sick of looking at it”. Well friend, if today is that day for you, I say, “congratulations”. Here’s the skinny on cleaning fake plants and flowers effectively.

If you don’t like all of this reading business, you can check out my vid on this topic:


Method #1, Dunking.

Take these steps to dunk your flowers back to beautiful:

  1. If you can, remove the flowers, plants, eucalyptus etc from the container or vase they are displayed in.

2. Run a sink or bucket full of lukewarm water with a mild soap. Don’t forget to throw in your favorite cleaning toothbrush

3. Gently dunk your artificial plants

4. Give ’em a little swish and use the cleaning toothbrush to lightly clean the leaves and pedals.

5. When done, give them a little rinse and leave to air dry.

6. When dry, arrange back in vase/container.

You’re good to go! And when dust strikes again, you’ll be ready.

Method #2, Flower Cleaning Spray

Can you spray your flowers clean? Maybe.

I purchased an aerosol can of this from my local floral shop (whoop, whoop Springfield Floral).

I then took my arrangement outside and gave it a spray treatment.

It looked pretty good afterward. This would work for flowers that are too delicate to submerge. But if they’re extremely dusty, it may not give them a thorough cleaning.


Miscellaneous Methods:

Computer Duster, Paint Brushes, Hair Dryers

All of these are effective, but time-consuming methods of getting the job done, but should happen outside if possible. I don’t think you want the dust from the leaves all over your surfaces/floors/yourself. These are also super-gentle methods of cleaning delicate flowers.

Got dusty artificial flowers and/or plants on your hands? Have no fear, Peachy Clean is here…to show you how to get those flowers into tip-top shape.

There you have it. Now you have no excuse for dusty florals, right? If you’ve got any other plantastic cleaning tips for me, I’d love to hear about them!

Until then, keep it real and stay true to yourself.




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