Monday is here & it stinks – Make your own fabric refresher spray!


Hey everyone – I know it’s been a while since I posted a video. I’ve been crazy busy, but now, I’m back on my game. In this video series, I will be featuring a DIY cleaning product that you can make at home. They are awesomely non-toxic and they will save you money. What’s not to love? So to kick things off, please enjoy my Monday Video, “Make your own Frebreze/Fabric Refresher Spray”. This amazing concoction smells great, freshens your fabrics & linens, and depending on what essential oil you use, may very well have anti-bacterial qualities. Also, the vodka in the recipe works to sanitize all your favorite fabrics. If your feeling like your room could use a burst of freshness, this product can also double as a room spray. So, there you have it! As the Journey song goes, “Any Way You Want It, That’s the Way You Need It”. I hope you and yours enjoy this fabric refresher as much and we do.

Why Vodka you ask? Well check out this amazing blog from Brendid (all secrets are revealed).

Vodka is dope for cleaning

1/2 c. vodka (cheap kind is great!)
1 c. water
15 – 20 drops favorite essential oil


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